How important is sexual preference? CALLING ALL LGBT+ MEMBERS AND NON :)


I’m doing a story which will be published probably this Sunday and I’m wondering how important sexual preference is to y’all like if you were lesbian would you stop playing if your love interest had to be a boy?

I’m certainly doing my story in a way where you get to choose your own path and being bisexual/lesbian/straight is a gain choice and a choice that matters but it’s like i gotta write two different stories like if it doesn’t bother most people whats the point in wasting time? Comment if it matters to y’all,thank you!


I’m bi so I wouldn’t really care if the love interest was a girl.


thank you for replying. I hope others feel the same way so I can scrap the whole deicide your love interest’s gender idea.


I feel the same way as @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE. I would read a story if the love interest was male or female. :slight_smile:


This generation does get very offended very easily so I was just trying to make the book as diverse as possible. Now I know that not many people are offended,I can make the decision whether to allow sexual preference decision or remove it.


If I were a lesbian, I’d simply wouldn’t read a story where its a female-male relationship. It’s everywhere. Thankfully I’m bi, so both are good to me :crazy_face:


oh. thanks for commenting.


I’m straight and I don’t mind if the LI is a girl.

Although, I thinking having the choice shows the author put in a lot of extra effort and considered everyone, so I wouldn’t call it a waste of time


because it really does take me hours on end to edit and script and write so if people don’t mind then it would mean i have more time for myself and also more episodes. i didn’t mean to word it as a waste of time.


Oh, I wasn’t meaning it like that. I just meant that like your efforts to include all that coding won’t go to waste type of thing. People will appreciate it :blush: But I can understand it would take a lot of time




I’m bisexual, and although I have a preference for female-female storylines, I’ll read anything if the plot is good


I’m bi/pan and tbh sexual pref is very important to me at least :^0

I see straight romances all the time, so I always prefer reading girl/girl or boy/boy stories.

If my love interest (in a story that’s MAJORITY a romance) HAD to be of the opposite sex as the MC and I had no other choice, I probably wouldn’t check it out UNLESS the story had really good reviews b/c I’ll never let that stop me from reading a good story

I realize this might sound picky but that’s me lol

And I second what amberose said! It shows you consider everyone - it’ll never be a waste of time! I’m sure one of your lgbt readers will see the choice and be glad you thought of them.


If it’s a romance oriented story then I wouldn’t read it if it was straight AND cheesy. However, irl romance doesn’t really impact my life, like I’m all “oh we’re together now? oh ok gotcha, cool cool” instead of “I’m going to have a HEART ATTACK if I don’t stare at him every second my life! SWOOOON” so romances that happen very casually or just sort of slide together are very much up my alley (like the romance subplot in For my sister, for ex).
Plot is always more important that whoever I’m dating imo, although I just prefer it if there’s no romance in the story. However if I get to customize the dude I always get kicks from making him hella ugly (especially if the author did that thing where she comes in and says “dont forget to make him super hot, unf unf” ) or just make him look like a girl with a boxy figure.
So in short, I don’t really care but I’d definitely notice and be like, “oh sweet that’s really cool of you” if I saw that you could choose. In stories where I have choice, I always choose to be gay fyi.


oh my god I’m so glad you opened this because I have a lot to say. I have actually played official Gem stories where in the rare case that there is a same gender option for love interests, you can tell that this was just an afterthought of the authors. You can literally see where “he” was not replaced with “she” and it’s just overall lousy




Oh my god, forreal? That’s in-fucking-sane, first episode goes and uploads a post that’s like “hooty hooty hoo we’re going to try our best to be DIVERSE wheee” and then they run off and pull a stunt like that? I’m appalled honestly, it’s a gem story put some work into it goddamn.


Yeah it’s that bootleg diversity that they try at so that we “won’t get mad”


thanks for all the replies.