How inappropriate can inappropriate content be?

So basically I put this dumb joke at the beginning of my another worlds contest entry and now I’m actually wondering if its gonna get me disqualified LOL
At the beginning of the story, the mc’s friend breaks into the school intercom and I’m not gonna copy and paste the whole gag here but he says some stuff about having a great day and having lots of peace, love, and hap… piness. Just try saying the last two syllables of happiness really loud in public sometime and you’ll get it. Probably if I don’t outright type the word penis the episode team isn’t gonna haul my ass over it but I’m still like worried. I know 12 year olds are putting raunchy sex scenes in their stories like every other day but this is for a contest so it’s probably gonna be different?


You can swear in your stories, but I would recommend putting a warning for strong language. (even though you’re only saying penis but better safe than sorry ygm)

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Kay got it

I think it depends on how you are using the word penis. The best person to ask is @/Tyler

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