How Is This? (ART)

Hey, I hope this is in the right category :grimacing:

So, long story short: I was bored and decided to draw something. So, I thought of drawing an episode ink character. I don’t know how this is. This is my first time and it’s really trashy.


How is it?

P.S. It’s drawn on a sheet of paper. And sorry for the bad quality of the picture.


It’s good so far :blush:

Only, maybe the cheek and one side of the face can be redrawn since it looks too big


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Oh, okay.
Thanks :smile:

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rip girl’s cheek

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I’m sorry for your loss.

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thank you :pensive:

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that’s better for when i started! Ha I still can’t draw, but a tip is to create a character outline like

it works on paper and computer art. Though i did that very lazyily bc thats me! Feel free to PM me for more tips

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