How is this possible?


How can some stories have clothing that doesn’t exist in the website of episode.

I mean can you get them or are they exclusive or anything?

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Either their featured stories or their overlays


I know but is there a way to get them too like use overlays or anything

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Some art threads on forums make clothing overalys or edits.


If I understand what you’re saying, you want them to be like overlays but usable like clothing?

If that’s the case, you should support this thread: CLOTHING: Creating and Uploading

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i already explain how that is dream and wont happen. in the forum. people can support it all they want but is not a posibble thing to do

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It actually could happen if staff made it a priority and undertook the project. It’s absolutely possible to do- it just might not be worth the time/money. So if the community makes it a priority, staff might as well. I don’t really get your negativity, because there’s literally no down-side to liking and commenting on something?

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yeah but the ability to make the clothes aren’t as simple. it doesn’t work the same way as making an overlay. you need to animate it. I am working on a 2d made pc game and for a character to walk I had to draw 32 pictures. and this only walking straight. not up or down. and I have to the same with every single character.

I am not been negative but realistic

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No see but the clothing programming with episode is a lot more basic than animating the clothing frame by frame- staff creates the clothing front and back, pins it to their ‘doll’, and the image stretches as the doll completes different animations. They don’t animate every piece of clothing frame by frame, and this is why when characters bend down or do weird poses the clothing looks distorted.

No one’s denying that staff does an insane amount of work and that the clothing looks stellar. But it would be possible (a big undertaking, but possible) to make overlays ‘pinable’ to characters. And again, there’s no harm in supporting an idea.

I never said that staff WOULD make a clothes uploading system possible, that it wouldn’t be a lot of coding, or that it needed to happen. I was just referring someone who had an idea to a thread that covered a similar idea.

Your ‘realism’ isn’t constructive, it’s just shutting down other people’s ideas unnecessarily. If you really wanted to make that point in a helpful way, saying something like ‘just so you know, supporting a thread won’t make it happen’ is way better than ‘I already explained this. You’re not allowed to promote or talk about it.’ But I don’t want to argue. I was just trying to be helpful.

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