How is this problematic story still up?

Content warning for SA.

This mess. I reported it on the app. I reported it on DMs. Finally, almost half a year later, I re-read it to see if it had been edited. Guess what? One of the LIs still rapes the MC. You can still end up with him.

Screen caps of why I'm angry

This LI kisses the MC. You have the option to kiss back or push him off. I pushed him off.

MC makes it clear she needs space.

Now, I am not including a screen cap of the night in question. The scene HAD been edited. In the earlier version, he took off the MC’s clothes and got down on his KNEES. This time they were making out in their underwear, and it faded to black, so I though, “Oh, maybe Episode made them change it to kissing instead of sex?”

After the “incident,” the LI tells the MC nothing happened. They just kissed in their undies because he stripped down while she was changing into her PJs.

Here he assures here, since she was drunk, too drunk to remember, he wouldn’t have taken advantage of her in that state. Now in the earlier version, his thoughts revealed they DID have sex. This time, that wasn’t there, so I thought maybe it was safe.

Now, by the time we get to this scene between the MC and the 2nd LI, we learn from the rapist telling HIS GIRLFRIEND that he did sleep with the MC the previous night. Wtf? I didn’t capture that confession because I was too flabbergasted to think that quickly.

But the second LI, we learn through flashback, walked into her room as the rape was happening and saw that they had sex, which he reveals here.

Why is this still a thing?

The rapist FINALLY admits to the MC that he had sex with her when she was black-out drunk, only when she confronts him about what she heard. How is it acceptable at all that this guy be treated as desirable after this? This is AWFUL.

BTW, I intentionally haven’t shared the title of the story. It has 2.5 MILLION reads. It doesn’t need more.

As detailed in my posts on the original thread about this story, the writer (in response to concerned fan-mail) says she intended for the MC’s true desires to be brought out when she was drunk. First of all, that’s some victim-blamey nonsense. Second, the LI’s dialogue makes it clear that he knows she was not in a state to consent.

No one should have to read this story. SA survivors especially should not have to be slapped in the face with this nonsense when they want to read Episode. I’m so bitter.

Edit: The author has revised the story with the concerns raised in this thread in mind. The story no longer has the scenes as described here. Thank you to the writer for listening.


That is so dumb, can you PM me the story and I will report it aswell?


I’m so embarrassed to admit that I actually read this story. I don’t know why :rofl:
That love interest is awful. Right from the beginning he’s a giant douche canoe. There’s no justification for what the “LI” did and I agree- at the very least, those scenes should be removed. It sets a very bad example to readers. What he did wasn’t okay at all.

Just wait… I’m almost willing to bet $50 that this story becomes featured, r*pe and all.


I am pretty sure it was reviewed by the team after being reported, seeing as the characters now shower in their underwear. Nudity in the shower is not the problem here, all! Come oooooooonnnn.


Especially since young kids are on the app and it just sets the example that girls should just let guys walk all over them and that isn’t something kids should be viewing


Yup. There are fan-mails from people pointing out her LI rapes the MC. Yet also somehow fan-mail from people who want to marry that same dude. :exploding_head: And those kids will walk away thinking these are relationship goals? Not acceptable.


did you report it for “gambling, drugs, or other illegal behavior” or “inappropriate sexual content”

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Inappropriate sexual content.


Wait, so the rapist is a love interest??


Yes. One of two you can choose for your “happily ever after.”


Oh yeah, I remember ranting about this reply. Funny how since then I’ve seen another 3 #popularauthors use similar excuses in response to concerned fans. One even saying she simply couldn’t add a trigger warning because it ruins the element of surprise :roll_eyes:

What sucks is that… There is probably nothing reportable about what she’s changed. You can mention rape like they have as long as you don’t go into detail. So like, when it comes to things like this you really can’t rely on episode or expect them to do anything about it. Funny how their guidelines can limit you so much in some areas but you can manipulate them to work in your favour here. Nothing wrong with making a rapist a love interest :roll_eyes: So instead of Episode doing something, it’s like we’re just waiting for the wider community to wake up and say that they don’t want to read stories like this. I fully believe that is the only thing that will put an end to these stories. Right now, people think there’s a market for them and that’s why they write them. If more people started speaking out, eventually we could create a shift in the trends.


I think it’s in violation by “promoting abuse.” But you’re right. It does not surprise me at all they had less of a problem with the rape than with people showering naked.


Episode team: Crossovers? UNACCEPTABLE

Also Episode team: rape is good


This is so fucked up. The amount of people who writes about such situation just really confirms to me that they fantasise about rape in their heads.
Now I’m really beginning to appreciate making more strict guidelines because this is ridiculous


The major shit thing with stories like this is even if you find things to constantly report them for everytime they update (nudity, swears, too violent, song lyrics, whatever), it’s so easy for the author to fix. Nevermind that plenty of people saw the original scenes or that the author should have anitcipated that some of these are violations of the guidelines, all you need to do is change these few scenes and then you can get back to writing problematic stories


Yeah, with 2.5 million reads, plenty of young, impressionable people have already walked away from this story thinking it’s OK. When the LI finally admits to the MC what happened, she runs away crying. That’s not “romance.” That’s fucking horrible.


Yeah thats kind of dumb that crossovers (even with permission from the person who made the character) is not allowed, but sex without permission is. smh


I would really like to report this story, too! It might not even help in the end, but I’d like to contribute anyway.




I have no idea what is the name of the story but I’m going to report that. Nothing sexy about being sexually assaulted and this shouldn’t be on Episode.

Here’s a message to the author…get serious help!!