How Long Can A Chapter Take?

So, I recently started writing my first story, & its super hard! I can’t seem to find the correct way to start my story & I’ve been very busy lately. So I’d like to hear from a author who has a published story, how long can a chapter take to make? :persevere:

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It really depends on how much advanced directing you have and how much time per day you’re spending on it
If your story is just basic directing, it most likely won’t take too long, but if your story has a bunch of overlays, custom backgrounds, zooming, a lot of choices, customization, etc; Then it probably will take longer, I wanna say maybe 2-3 days if you’re dedicating a lot of time and effort on it. Some chapters can even take months to code.

It took me about a month but everyone is different

On the topic of overlays & backgrounds, how long do they usually take to get approved?

Sometimes it can take weeks, other times, it can get approved within minutes
The Episode Team doesn’t consist of very many people, and sometimes, they have a ton of backgrounds/overlays/covers to approve, so that, I cannot really give a valid answer to. But again, it depends on the day and how many things are waiting to be approved.

It can take as long as you let it take. Sometimes I’ll get an idea, write the first half of the first episode and then come back months later to finish it off.


Thanks for the replies, I’m writing rn and this is kinda encouragement for me to continue writing! I hope I can get this done as soon as possible! :kissing_heart: :smile:

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My first 6 chapters I had out in about 2 weeks apart, but chapter 7 has a lot of overlays and flash backs in it and it has been 2 week’s and I’m still not done with it. It all depends on you. Tack your time that way you are happy with the way your story comes out in the end, :slight_smile:

it defends on every person , if you are just starting at coding this will be really difficult to you which will mean alot of time you will spend on trying to code and learning but if you already learned a bit better how to code a episode it’ll be much easier for you because you know some stuff , and so on for advenced coder on episode it’ll be even more easier.
but that still defends wether you are doing huge advenced directing with overlays , animations and stuff like that , backgrounds , people that are on the background OR a simple directing that is good but is much simpler then doing some of those^
every person have it’s own timing so don’t feel bad if you are too slow or fast.

I’m still writing my first chapter, I started in June and it’s still ongoing. It’s a pretty long process. I think that I evolved so much from June all the way till now. I can do really advanced directing and my chapter has become so much better over the months.
So it really depends on how much you know about episode directing and how far you want to go with it.