How long did it take you to learn directing?

The question says it all. How long did it take for you to learn directing? I must say that I am decent at directing, but I am still learning and I lack a lot of dynamic in my stories. Sometimes I get so caught up in my work that I don’t even realize whenever my directing is bad or not. How about you?

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So to tell you I haven’t been here for a very longer time.
Just joined 2 months and 18 days before (I remembered…yayyy!!)
Learning directing at a very good level can take you a lot of time to be honest…But I have to say I learned so much in these past months…So, for learning it you have to give it some time as “Practice makes everyone perfect.”
And I am kinda a really forgetful person I usually forgot about these things and that’s why I read my story for 3 times before publishing it to find any errors that are in it…

Been doing this for a year and I’m still learning something new almost every day. LOL :rofl:

I know right? Sometimes I’m scared to publish some of my stories knowing that after months I’ll come back to them and have to redirect them, or something along these lines.

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I feel you!

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It took me about a year to learn proficient directing.

Basic directing took me like a week or three. Advanced directing, however, took me a good 2-4 months. At first, I didn’t think I had actually improved but after reading my old (unpublished stories) I definitely see progress.