How long did it take you to write your first story?


Hi guys! I wanted to know how long it took for you guys to write your first episode story? How many chapters did you publish at once and why did it take you the time it took to write it? I’m currently writing a story of my own and it’s taking longer than I thought.


It usually takes me around a day to work on the Episode-before it would take me longer and I’d have to consult tutorials and all that but now that I’ve gotten the hang of directing/coding, I am much faster : )
However, am lazy so I barely work on my stories-Oh man, I really should :sweat_smile:


It took me about 9 months to do it. I made about 7 chapters but i discontinued it because it had so many errors. I am currently making another one but it’s taking longer than i expected to gather everything up. It looks easy when your playing it, but you have a work cutout for you if you wan’t everything to be perfect to your liking. Maybe because i procrastinate. But, reading someone else’s story motivates me to keep going with mine


Lol a day is good! I can’t wait to get faster at it.


I’m still currently working on mine, and let me say, when you first start out it does take some time. I kept getting a bunch of story ideas in my head that I would work on for a week then scrap. I wouldn’t even get done with the first episode. Now that I am better at directing and using overlays etc. I’m just waiting for overlays and backgrounds to be approved to post my first story. Each episode takes me about a day or two.


Oh wow!! :hushed: At least your still trying and that’s all that matters! I hope you get it accomplished!


That’s funny! I’ve actually been thinking of all kinds of stories to put together myself, but I have to remind myself to stay on task lol. I’m close to having one done I think, or at least I have one scene done. I felt accomplished just for that one scene.


I hope i do too. Instead of giving up on it like i usually do. I end up losing inspiration that’s why i automatically stop writing


Well don’t lose inspiration, I would love to read what you’re putting together.


Yeah, I’ve tried a couple of genres such as fantasy, mystery, thriller\horror, and romance… The story that I’m currently working on is comedy, which I enjoy writing more than other stories, So I think I found my writing style.


Oh my gosh, my first every story on Episode that I published took such a long time and it had 7 episodes- I had to discontinue it too because it was full of errors - there was no customization (I didn’t know how to do it and when I added it in it was so limited and I felt defeated, like giving up), no zooms (I did NOT know how to zoom at all lol) and no spot directing (yep, I never knew what spot directing was :sweat_smile: and remembering choices was so hard for me)
But eventually, I got the hang of it : )
I actually had to go through my stories and re-edit them with the skills that I gained : )

Before I would look at how to do choices, but know I can remember how to do them and find them so easy :yellow_heart:

@Lex2 I usually publish 1 episode at a time after I publish the first three : )

And you can do it, too!
Soon, everything will be faster for you :wink:


Thanks Jem, I will more than likely have to ask you for advise from time to time.


I haven’t wrote anything yet because I’m getting backgrounds & overlays ready. But, here is my story cover (I might change it though)

Description: Same lifestyles, Same mindsets, but different people. Never understood that true meaning of life. Both knew how to ride, but was on the edge of trying to die. So we called them…“Ride or Die’s”
(I’m still working on the description too)


I’m writing my first story and i feel like its been 12 years. i’m working on my 3rd episode. i have SO MUCH SPOT DIRECTING its insane. idkwtf i was thinking lol ive already gotten better from episode 1 to 3. i use a lot of overlays and layers and its crazy. i came up with about 3 other story ideas that i like better but i put so much time into this that i feel like somebody needs to see it before i quit dammit lol i dont have cc bc i dont want to be overwhelmed. ill try that on my next story. i have a couple of choices here and there but mostly just story. i’m also a procrastinator. learning as you go is such a process but i know how much faster ill be once i get everything down and stop effing spot directing every damned scene lol


I like it, it sounds different from everything I’ve read on episode. Let me know when you publish it so I can read it!


i wanna read this too, lmk when youre done. do you have IG? ill follow.


I feel like I may be going down the same destructive path lol. I’ve spot directed about 5 times alraady and I’m going to need more before I’m done with the first episode. But spot directing seems like it’s gotten better from the tutorials I’ve seen on YouTube. At least you don’t have to load the game up on your phone to do it.


true! although i do sometimes use my ipad to do it. ive been stuck on this scene messing with these overlays all damned day lol. now im just gonna work around it ugly. readers wont see whats going on over in zone 3 lol. :woman_facepalming:t6: i was gonna use all 3 zones but i dont have time for this mess lol. ay yi yi. when did you start working on yours?


I started Thursday, but I started writing the story around Tuesday.


If it’s for the first chapter it takes me at least 1 month but for any other chapter it takes 5-8 days