How long do I have to wait


Hi everyone

Many weeks ago I had a tablet called Samsung Galaxy and my Episode app kept crushing and my fiance eased my data and I lost all my stories to read. All gone. My tablet was slow and old. For few weeks I have been trying to get my data back in my Episode app. They tried to work with me. But 2 days ago I got new tablet called Lenovo. It works fast and smooth. I told the team about that. I looked at my status with the team it’s still open. How long do I have to wait until they answer?
I miss reading my stories. :slightly_frowning_face:




If you’re asking about how long it will take for the team to respond, it may take a few days, especially if you told them about the new tablet before they responded to your previous answer. Sending in multiple replies before receiving an answer from the team pushes your ticket to the end of the queue, and it will take longer for them to reach it. :wink: So yeah, wait a few days and see if they answer it. :smiley:


OK I’ll wait. Thank you for explaining to me. I understand. :slight_smile: