How long do I wait for?

So can someone explain the estimated time frame for background and cover approval? Thank you mucho.

U need to be patient and wait for it to be apporved. Every month there will be a contest going on, and thats why they are taking long to approve them. They have to review them. For time frame, I am not sure how long it will be for them to approve it.


For now it’s gonna take time, there’s the contest “missed connection” going on

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Well my backgrounds took about a week maybe more before they were approved, still waiting for the rest…It has taken a bit longer for my covers to be approved as well. My advice is, if you have any pictures that you want to submit as backgrounds SUBMIT THEM ASAP! Don’t procrastinate

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dont usally they are approved anyway before my chapter is finish. so i never had a rush about. just wait. if you cant maybe you should have thought about it before