How long do you like episodes to be


Hey,I’m making a episode right now and I don’t know how long should I make It?
If you can tell me how many lines.
My episode right now is about 200 lines :slight_smile:

Need help with the length of episode chapters

To be honest, the lines don’t really matter and it all depends on the writer’s style. People tend to like chapters between 10 and 15 minutes, as it’s not too long that you get bored but long enough that you feel you have gotten enough for your pass. Maybe try timing it will writing? :two_hearts:

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I like my episodes to be 10-15 minutes long. There isn’t really a range that I can tell you in lines. Mine are usually 1000-2000 lines long but you it really does depend. A story can be 2000 lines long but be like 5 minutes since most of it may be just minor coding details. :slight_smile:


I think you should pay less attention to lines and more attention to details. For example, how does this specific chapter contribute to the story?

I tend to like chapters that aren’t too long, but not too short either. Typically, about 8-20 minutes long is about where I personally enjoy chapters length.


A good length is usually around 900-1200 lines x

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I prefer it to be around the 10 minute mark, but I think it’s more so about the content. If it feels like a lot has happened, but it’s only been 6 minutes, I won’t mind. But if it’s 20 minutes of the same thing, I’d be disappointed.

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As long as it have a very clear meaning, the length isn’t always relevant. When it’s a short chapter, however, you either want to finish a conflict, or start a new one entirely.

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Like for me I make my episodes about 3000 to 4000 lines and yet I get some comment my episodes are short :cry:

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I time my episodes on a read-through. I like to keep them around 13-15 minutes. The amount of lines definitely doesn’t matter. Dialogue and timed directing will add length to the time but not necessarily lines. Crowd scenes alone can easily take up 100 Lines, but only last 10 seconds.


You need atleast 400 lines of dialogue to publish episodes (if you didn’t know)
I think a 10 minute long episode is between 1000-2000 lines long, but it depends on what is in the episode. Like for example, customization with the spaces is around 1000 lines long
I’d say my ideal length is 10-20 minutes long.


To be honest, It’s about the content. If lots of things has happened, or the episode is really interesting. Personally, 10 - 15 minutes is okay for me.

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