How long do you usually make your stories

So I know people say that usually very short stories are 400lines it seems long but its actually pretty short so HOW LONG DO YOU USUALLY MAKE YOUR STORIES WITH CC and how long do you usually make your stories without cc

I’m not counting CC or HMU choices.
I don’t leave spaces between dialogue, but I do spot place a lot of my speech bubbles.
I’d say my episodes for my new story are around 1200-1400 lines and 7-10 minutes of read time depending on your reading speed.
Previously, I used to write 2000-3000 line episodes (not including CC) but they take a lot of time to produce. I’m finding 1200 line episodes much more manageable and so far no one has complained about the length.


so how many lines would you consider a short story to be

It’s more about time.
Anything under 5 minutes I’d feel like I’d “wasted” a pass.
I think 8-12 is a good range personally, but I do read quite fast.
Anything under 1000 lines (including directing but not including CC) is likely going to be too short.

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I used to do 600 lines, because I didn’t have much inspiration.
But now I do 1500-1800 lines and I feel like it’s not too long, but not too short.
But you do however many lines you want to.

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I dont look at lines because I got a lot of choices and branching. so I take time I go for between 10 and 15 minuts


Considering your name is line :laughing:

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would you loose interest in a story that was 500 lines or under 1000

would you loose interest in a story that was 500 lines or under 1000 or anything above that

would you read a story that was under 1000 lines or loose interest in one that was like 500

For all I know, I have read stories under 1000 lines.
But I have quit reading stories that were literally like 2 minutes and 2 scenes.

I don’t write stories anymore, but I think an episode should be at least 1000 but not more than 2000 because it will get boring if the episode is too long

Yes, I don’t like stories under 500 lines, they just feel too short.

I just started with creating a story. I’m sad I can’t do it on my phone. But that doesn’t matter. Without cc, I just have something about 158 or something like that. That is the first story that I’m making. The coding isn’t that hard!

I usually do about 2000+ for an episode NOT inculding CC. If there is CC, then about 3000+.