How long do you write per day?

Iโ€™m just curious how long (as in minutes/hours) do you guys write per day because I sometimes write like 6 hours a day (not everyday but like spread out) but my average writing time is 3 hours because I like my story to be advanced directing. But I only get a scene done in 3 hours :expressionless::pensive:


Honestly, same. I do the same thing but it depends on what kind of Episode writer you are.


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Well, I usually spent about 14 hours per day. It takes me 3 days do complete 1 epsiode since I do a minimum of 1500 lines. But, I rarely ever write anymore since I think artistry and instagram Edits is my way to go.


Currently: 0 hours per day- Iโ€™m kinda busy atm. I usually hope to write about 2 hours per day on a good day, and about 1hr15mins of that will be directing/branching/messing around with characters looks and outfits: I try to get somewhere between 1200-2000 lines so I guess it would take me about 1 and a half weeks to update if I get the full 2 hours per day.




5-6 hours during weekends and on weekdays 1-3 hours.

I usually spend 5-8 hours per day on a chapter. I usually write on the weekends though so only about 13 hours per week is how much I write. My chapters arenโ€™t super long, though.

I personally write/direct for 12 hours since I do really advanced directing which makes it take like a week or 2 to get an episode done. I try to write around 3500 words per episode. And yeah :joy:

My story has advanced directing, and at least 1500 lines per episode and it took me around a month for 3 episodes (around 5-10 hours per day depending on how busy I was)

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Usually it takes 30 mins for a full outline of each chapter, 2 hours for details (like dialogue or descriptions), and 2 hrs for coding and revision.

A few hours, but planning and waiting periods only make about 400-500 lines daily.

Since Iโ€™m still a highschool student, I usually only get 2 hours or less on weekdays.
On weekends I work for 8-10 hours.

Plus I use advanced directing so ya

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