How long does it take for Episode to approve a custom background?

Hi guys, just wondering how long it take for a custom background to be approved.
My covers were approved in about 1 day or something but my backgrounds are taking longer!

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I recently uploaded a few custom backgrounds a few weeks ago. Mine were approved in about three days.

It seems like a long time (I know) but the Episode team probably have to approve or decline backgrounds a lot so I would just give it a few days.

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Sometimes they’ll get them done really fast (like just a few hours once), but most of the time I think they said the max is around 3 days.

Thank you! :+1:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Today is the third day and my episode background are still not approved yet, is that bad? Or is it just taking a little extra time???

They are being infrequent recently

okay thank u

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i’ve been waiting for more than three days but i’ll try to be patient

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