How long does it take for Episode to approve corrections after a review?

My story was recently reviewed due to its rank, and I had to make corrections regarding a profanity (oops). Does anyone know how long it usually takes for the corrections to be approved? I responded to the email saying I had made the changes less than an hour after I received it.

I was ready to update this weekend, but my story was removed from its shelf because of this. I’m also wondering if I’ll be notified when it’s back up.

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Ok so for me with my story "Heartbreaker To Lovers(LGBTQ) episode reviewed my story too and found lots of profanity! And they sent me an email which I too replied too after I fixed it and it wasn’t too long after they did 1 of 2 things.

1: they let me know that my story would once again show up in ranked for LGBTQ (which it still is in the shelf) they sent me a email telling me this.

2: they also sent me a notification on the portal also saying the same thing so yeah! They let you know both ways!

And also that’s good you replied to them right away because trust me you really want to do that!! When I didn’t even know I had a notification on portal or in my email about my fantasy story The Vampires Next Door season 1 they literally said at the bottom of the email that it will not ever be on ranked! And they were right cause I didn’t fix the mistake on time that was my punishment :sob::sneezing_face:but now I am more cautious about it now then before!!



My story Anti-HEROES was reviewed as well and they found a lot of things wrong with it, pretty sure I had something to fix in each category, especially the profanity one lol.

They got back to me in three days but then gave me more things to fix and I’m still waiting on a reply to that.

For anyone who is starting a story, try to check your story fits the guidelines before even publishing. I didn’t because I didn’t think they would review it unless it was reported but if you want your story to get high ranking it has to fit the guidelines now.

And if you do get the email saying you need to make changes DO IT ASAP or they might take your story down and they take kind of long to get back sometimes too.

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