How long does it take for episode to approve of your overlay?

So basically I made some overlays and I don’t know when episode will approve of it I really need to put it in my story.

they dont need to be approved for you to put them in. you just cant publish

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It depends. Usually it takes a few days, but don’t rely upon them approving your overlays in 2-3 days. For example, I uploaded an overlay of a single colour and just that took a week to get approved. :woman_shrugging:

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I tried sometimes it takes a couple of weeks. and sometimes a couple of hours

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Due to contests going on, i’ll say about couple weeks maybe.

Just put them in and continue working on your story until they are approved and you’re ready to publish.

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Thanks I’ll do that.


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It depends, but they’re generally pretty fast. My stuff tends to be approved in less than a week unless they’ve made an announcement saying why things might take a while. I agree to not assume that it’ll be fast though, and if you have a set date you want to publish/update, plan accordingly.

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