How long does it take for the creators of this game to accept your created overlay?

How long would it take for the creators of this game to accept your created overlay so you can use your own overlay for your story?

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You can still use the overlay when you’re writing it’s just in review.

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Well when I added the overlay in, it said that it was still under review…

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Yes but you can still use it and preview your story with it. You just can’t publish your story until it’s approved.

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the approval time diferres sometimes it is within a day mostly few days…I tink the longest time I had to wait was almost a week. But as said above you can use it and preview it right after it is uploaded.

Well, I can’t preview it while it’s under review still because it won’t let me. It kept saying warning. If it says warning then I can’t preview it at all. Until the Episode team accepts it.

You can preview even with the error message. The error message just says you can’t publish until it’s approved. If you have a different warning or error message then you might have an error in your script preventing you from previewing it, which you’ll need to fix.

you can preview for 100% but it it doesnt preview at all if you have some big error in the script elsvhere…can you giuve printscreen here?

Maybe you haven’t created it… I mean if you added it in the middle of a scene then before animating your overlay you need to add the command @overlay [overlay name] create and after that put the opacity in 1… Maybe it’ll appear after that… Otherwise I don’t know… Usually you can preview it even when your overlay is pending preview…
I hope that I helped you :pray::revolving_hearts:

I did that. My friend helped me with it…

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