How long does it take for you to write a chapter?


I’m just curious about how long various authors take to write a chapter. I’ve outlined a new story recently and I’m starting to bring it to life in the writer’s portal, but I can’t tell if my progress on it is a lot slower than normal. Therefore, I’m here to see what “normal” is :slight_smile:


It depends on how much spot directing and overlay use I am doing. I can write a really simple chapter in like a day, or a really complicated chapter will take me several days (this all includes stopping for breaks, responsibilities, or simply because I can’t focus).


You cant be any slower than me, let me tell you loll.
I’ve seen some authors organize themselves into pushing out 2 episodes every week. But I wouldn’t say thats normal, more like remarkable. Don’t strain yourself go at your pace. And Purple_Ghost is right, it also depends on how complicated your story will be code-wise.


It depends really. The first chapter I ever wrote believe it or not took me 2 and a half weeks. I was trying so hard to make it perfect and well thats how long it took me. Also it depends if you use music cause using music might take a bit longer. But I would say the average time it take to write a chapter for someone is usually around a week.


I type about 1000 lines a day however that does not include any editing or proof reading. So it takes me about 3 Days per episode.

However, when I type out Galileo’s magic scenes or Bone’'s battle scenes it takes me about a day per 400 lines.


The last ep I released took me a week but I was doing it 2 -3 hours a night after work!

It’s the spot directing that takes the time for me.

It’s better to take your time a put out an ep that’s worth the wait, then rush it and make mistakes xxx


Don’t know, about 3-5 hours. Maybe! Lol


It depends. Specially when you love coding too much that when you review your story, you thought you reached 10 minutes but in reality, it was only 1min. and 23sec.

But I don’t know how long I take because we only have one PC and our laptop was borrowed by our cousin, so I had to share with my sibling. Last time I wrote my episode 1, it took me maybe a week or two? (I’m not exaggerating but it took less than 2mins and a few second.


It actually depends upon how handy the writer portal seems to you. If you can use it smoothly without getting confused, and have the script pre-planned so that you don’t take long breaks as to decide what you exactly want to see in the story, you can write one, or even more episodes in one sitting. However if you’ve not made up your mind and are slow at directing, it would take several days.


It depends.
It mostly takes me 2 or 3 days to write an episode.
Mostly I work on it for hours to make sure there are no mistakes.
I want everything to be perfect.
Of course it also take longer if I want to modify something in the script.


It depends on how creative i feel, if i feel creative then 1 day otherwise 3 days.


Taken me two years and I’m still on episode 1… No lie! Which is why, I’ve written the entire story in a book in advance so it’s just copying. This way I can write anywhere without draining battery or carrying a laptop! Convenient, right?


Lmao like 3 weeks to a month.


Thanks everyone! It’s really helpful to have a gauge on how long fellow (and probably slightly more experienced) authors take, so I’m appreciate of all the responses. I guess I’ll just keep trucking along at my own pace and hope for the best :slight_smile:


What??? Really???


I don’t know about the others. But yeah. Happens to me all the time. :joy:


I don’t know how people can do multiple episodes a week :joy:
I put out one episode a week as it takes me the rest of the week to write it as well as breaks and college work.


It really depends on what I am writing. If I am writing an episode with complicated branching and choices, than it will take about 2 days for a full episode. Otherwise it takes about 5 hours for me. This could be different for others. :relaxed:


Everyone here is talking about how it takes them 1-2 weeks, it’s been like a month and I aint even finished yet.


Usually 8 hours for 1000 lines.