How long does it take to get overlays approved

Does anyone know how long it take for overlays to get approved on n approximate?

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it can take a little while. Sometime they can come really quick in just a few days but lately they been slow. If it going slow for you it mite take like 2 weeks maybe almost three. But you can still use your overlay in your scripts untill they review it but can publish it.

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Thanks I guess…

I think overlays get approved sooner than backgrounds, and it normally takes 2-3 days. But it has taken a few weeks for certain overlays of mine to get approved.

So it really just depends.

I’m trying to get three overlays approved for a dress up game but it’s taking longer than usual

Do you have a deadline to post the episode that you’ve been working on?

Well its actually for a new story which isnt yet published however i really need to get this story out by the end of the month so i need the overlays to get approved soon…

You can use those overlays even if they aren’t approved though. You’ll get a warning but that’s it, so I wouldn’t worry about it. Just write the story and it’ll probably get approved by the time it is time to publish it :))

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You can still use them so you don’t have to pause writing your script. so when your overlays do get approved you can just publish your story

I cannot preview it until it gets approved but I need to ajust it on the screen for placement and zooms so its important that it gets approved in order for me to approve and ajust it properly

I don’t know who told you so but that’s false. You can still preview it and do the necessary spot directing. You just can’t publish it unless they get approved.


when I try to preview it it doesnt let me

You might have to check if there’s an error warning about any mistakes in the coordinates, or something else when coding the overlays. Even if it isn’t approved, you should be able to preview it.

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hmmm ok…

Let me know if any luck with previewing :]

Wait u mean i can preview it witht he overlay and see the overlay right?

Mhm! (If you can’t see the overlay, add opacity or just use the spot directing tool to see where it is. It might be in another zone.)

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I was just about to say that :sob: :raised_hand:

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LOL- I was thinking the same thing. :skull:

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