How long does it take to get reads?


Hey guys,

Do you have any advice on how long it’s taken to get the reads you have? I know there are some instant shooters to fame but I was wondering what people’s experiences are.

So I was wondering how long your stories have been up and active on Episode, and how many reads you have? I’m just curious :wink:


First story- it’s been a long while, it’s been up since December 2016 (but hidden on the app a month ago) and it hit 127 reads which I guess is OK. It’s a bad story and that’s good considering it.

Second story- actual effort was placed into this, I’d like to say it’s pretty good, it’s been up since about the beginning of this year (published for the Spotlight contest) and has somewhere between 43-47 reads which is disappointing.

I’m kinda disappointed overall, but it’s alright, I’m hoping I’ll be able to publish a story that can get more reads sooner or later.


I published mine at the end of Jan. And it’s on 820 ish reads. I had to post to get reviews and started an Instagram account to promote the story. Which is the only reason why it’s at that point.

Is that good then? Who knows :confused:


820 reads within that time is good!

Promote your story as much as you can on Instagram and ask other authors to read your story and promote it. You’re doing good though :blush:



I’m pushing through Instagram a lot at the moment. How can you ask other authors for reads?

Glad you think it’s a good sign :slight_smile: as Episode don’t tell you when the story has been published you can have a faulse sense of how quickly it got that popular! Xxx


It takes Forever. :frowning:


There are a lot of Instagram accounts that offer reviews. Because they have so many followers, the better the review they post about your story, the more likely the people who follow them will read your story.

I wouldn’t worry about reads too much!

I have a different Episode account with 2 incomplete stories published (I’m still writing on that account). When I published my first story, I was so excited to get reads I felt like a little kid :joy: But you quickly realise that not having a million reads doesn’t mean the end of the world. One of my stories has 5.1K and the other has 1.1K, I’m content with that :blush: Especially because they are no where near finished!

My advice is to say just focus on writing the best story you can with the best directing you can. The reads will follow. It may take time but it will happen :+1:t3:


Well, when I look at number of reads the story has, I always wonder, how long was this story visible in the App. I have published my first story in December, 2017. At the moment I have about 110 reads for three published stories, but I have never really promoted my stories, except the last one which is for “H & V” contest. I’m such a person that to provide self-promotion I have to overstep myself :slight_smile: But I’m doing this now, because I genuinely believe that my contest story (“H & V: Fake Friend”) is not bad :slight_smile: But when I have published my first story and within a week it gained no reads, I was really disappointed.


It feels like that!!! :cold_sweat:


Mine was the same. I had around 4 reads for 3weeks.

It looks some pretty heavy pushing to get it marginally noticed on the platform. I would recommend Instagram for sure. Do you have an Insta handle and I’ll give you a follow? :slight_smile: xx


You, probably, will laugh! But I made an attempt to create an Instagram account thrice, but each time was failing due to some system error :slight_smile: Consequently I decided that Fate itself didn’t allow me to join IG :slight_smile:


Oh no!! What are the chances! It must be fate. haha. Maybe twitter then? I hear that’s good too? :slight_smile: xx


Moved to Resources :v:t2:


compare with my reads (12)!

You have huge reads :frowning:


I think it’s not a reason to get upset. :grinning: Just ask more people for feedbacks on your story and the number of reads will gain quickly. Moreover you’ll find out what in your story is worth improving. And you’ll definitely have what to work on while waiting for more reads :grinning:


The one with 5.1K reads was published last August so it’s been up a long time. It’s also due to the what the story is about.

It took A LOT of promotion and time so don’t get yourself down about it. As @FieryTenderness said, get feedback, the more good reviews people see about your story, the more likely they will read it. It also lets you see what can be improved and any mistakes you’ve made. It really does take some time but you can do it :+1:t3::grin:


Great advice!

I just wonder how long episodes like Chain reaction have been going? When was the first ep published? Same goes for Deep Attraction. It would be good to know as I think would give new writers a boost and let them know that it doesn’t happen over night! x


Hows it going? Have you got many more reads? xx


I don’t think anyone should take Chain Reaction as a benchmark… If you expect to have millions of reads on your story (no matter how long the period is), there is a very high chance you will be disappointed.


haha absolutely but it would be good to know how long it has been on the platform for… it must be years?