How long does it take to update your story for you?

I’m asking this because I’m writting 1 chapter per month and I’m really slow coding and everything, I wish I could do it faster :cry: ( I think that when I launch my story my readers will get tired of waiting so I’m scared…


I update 1 chapter per month on average and wish I can code faster too. So generally we’re the same :blush:

You’re right, some readers may be bored waiting for so long but I still have to code at my own pace because that’s the best I could do. I’m thankful that my readers are very understanding because I did explain to them about my situation.

A story with advanced directing takes long time to code. One 3-5 seconds scene may take 2-3 hours to code (Not sure about other authors tho).

We have our own life outside Episode too. It’s tough to code when you have a full time job, a part time job, studying part time, and being a social activist all at the same time. Sometimes I sleep only 3 hours a night but I still code although I haven’t unlock the payment. I code because I love it.

Good luck with your story. Try not to pressure yourself into coding faster. Some readers may understand.


I’ve thought a lot about this before for when I finally pulish one of my stories. And I know I’m slow, especially now that I have school and work. What I’m planning on doing is writing the whole story and releasing them every week, or twice a week (depending how many episodes) just to keep readers hooked, its also easier to do teasers.

However, a month is pretty good, pretty common as well, for me I’d probably forget about the story after a month unless it’s really memorable. Then again, I don’t read much episode anymore due to lack of time.


It depends on how quick I can finish an episode, on average I release about 2 episodes every month. One in the beginning of the month and the other towards the end of the month. However for this month I might release a total of 3 if I can manage myself to code :joy:. I did a double update on the 3th and aim to release episode 16 sometime next week or the following week

i was publishing 2 episodes a week when i first started but ive since gone down to once a week :)) i have so many tips on how to publish faster if youd be interested

I’m also slow and planning, writing and coding so that’s why I decided to publish my story when I complete it.

Yes please!!!

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I publish episodes very fast, I took a long break cause my PC broke but what I do Is I’m a very creative person so writing Is easy for me and what-ever comes to mind I just put It. I am planning around 4 or 5 stories I think and lots of people are like take break, but I don’t need too because I love writing.

I think just make sure your readers know you’re writing and not sitting down doing nothing, try being more active and If you just started I suggest publishing a lot because your story won’t get out there If you have like 4 readers and publish every year!;

Okay! i script my episodes, which you can do anywhere not just when youre sat coding, so like ill script on the bus or smth like that which shaves off so much time because all you have to do is copy and paste the dialogue and add the animations. I also find if i give myself a time frame to finish an episode im more likely to finish it than letting myself procrastinate. i also write 10 episodes before i even publish, that way i have about 6 episodes worth of wriggle room in case i cant finish an episode every week. consistency gains readers so thats always smth to think about.

Am I the only one who doesn’t plan my stories?, I write the characters and major stuff that happens to them!.

What I do Is write the first 3 episode s but after what I do Is put my creative brain to the test and welp here I am with 200+ reads :slight_smile:

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i plan like absolutely every detail i cant work like that at all. think it depends on your story tho. i strive for everything to be cohesive and in order to do that i plan everything so theres never any plot holes or unanswered questions. but i will add random things as i go, just make sure before i commit to a storyline i plan it first haha

I like that, but for me I just hate It I feel bored and not motivated to write when planning I like having new ideas because when planning I feel like I have to stick to that, and I come up with new Ideas every-single-damn-day.
And for me It works you know!.

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yeah i totally get it! i rly like planning and scripting, i write all my little ideas throughout the week in my notes app and go through the ones that are worth doing anmd the ones that arent, makes me feel rly accomplished when ive planned a few episodes and my ideas r all there and cohesive

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