How Long Does It Take You To Do An Episode?

Hm…how long does it take you to write an episode? (btw my name’s Dasha, hehehe.) It depends for me. Sometimes, I can finish it in two-three days. Most of the time though, it takes me two weeks. :no_mouth:
It’s because I’m busy, lol, most of the time.
Comment down below how long it takes you to write an episode!

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TBH, it takes me two weeks to 500 lines. I know, it’s sad…

I’m not that experienced in writing and publishing, but I write a lot of stories on Episode that never see the light of day. It usually takes me about three to five hours to finish one episode. Not gonna lie though, I spend some of that time procrastinating :slightly_smiling_face:

It took me 3 days to write 2500 lines but that’s when I had my ideas slowly nicely, now it’s starting to slow down and I’ve written 1000 in 5 days

It depends on how I’m feeling- I can take anywhere from three days to three weeks on an episode, and my average length tends to be 700-800 lines

Depends on how bus i am… but for the last month and a half my episodes won’t save :rage::rage::rage:

I write on mobile, have had my story idea for a month, and still haven’t finished the first episode.

Depends, I can write 2000-2500 lines in one day. But often it takes 1-2 days because O fot kids home now :see_no_evil:

For me, it’s take a week or two weeks.

It’s day 3 for me and I’m at 872 words. HOWEVER, I just started making my own story and I’m still trying to figure out everything.

Yeah…it does take time. :thinking:

…four months… 🤦

LOL, I’ve deleted over 10,000 lines in that time period. What can I say? I try to be a perfectionist. :roll_eyes:

Almost everyone I’ve talked to knows this…


It takes me really long…it depends always on the directing and dialoge…I want to make my story realistic and not just like it’s hammered down :blush::sweat_smile:

It takes me roughly about 2 weeks maybe longer, between work, college and the kids I don’t have much time to write.

True! :thinking:

Lol, I know how that feels…well not exactly with college and kids, but with the “busy” part. :joy::ok_hand:

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:rofl: It’s so hard trying to fit everything in, I was planning on writing this weekend but I went to a party instead :grin: So busy…

Hehehe, lol! :joy:

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