How long does it take you to write an episode?

Hi everyone,

I just had some questions about writing episodes for your stories. I was wondering, how long does it take you guys to write one? It takes me personally a lot of time. (Many people say my episodes are still a little short though). And with that, how many lines are your episodes approximetally?

(Maybe some of you have tips about writing, and how I can make my episodes longer more easily?)

Thanks! :slight_smile:

For me it takes me 2-3 days,It’s different for every episode,seriously I have no idea why does it take so long?

Usually the first ever episode takes the longest. But usually it takes me a week to two weeks to write an episode because I’m a perfectionist and a procrastinator, which isn’t a good mix lol. :sweat_smile:


Me too! Wow, never imagined someone took that long too to write one :wink:

I’m a perfectionist, so everything in my story has to be perfect. I also use spot directing in every episode. My conversations are not that long in an episode and I use lots of different backgrounds. Yeah, it takes pretty long :blush:

Phew, I thought it was just me. :sweat_smile:


Idk,I kinda know the name of every animation,sound and background I use.So I don’t need o do research while writing,I guess that’s helping me so I doesn’t take weeks

I wish I knew all that! I always have to do research and stuff, it takes me maybe 3/4 of the time :frowning:

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I am capable of writing 1 good episode with sound and directing and the works within a week.

But at the moment, that has been a struggle :sweat_smile:

And my tips for making them longer is to include choices that matter or that at minimum give extra scenes for the reader

This is embarrassing, but I’ve been working on the first episode of my first story for over a month. It currently has almost 600 lines and it’s only half done. Granted, I’ve been taking little breaks and it’s taken me a few tries to make it the way I envisioned, (I am also a perfectionist and professional procrastinator lol) and I may have put too much on my plate with this one, but yeah… I’m a slow poke.

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Welp, you’re not alone.

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Takes me like six hours to write, code, proof read, and correct 150 lines!!
Lol I suck at writing.

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Honestly, it depends. I generally have a good idea of what I want to write, but it’s the directing, checking for grammar, checking for odd/awkward pauses etc., fixing speechbubbles that take up my time the most. Probably 2-3 weeks at the most, the shortest a week. Depending on how busy life is too lol.

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It depends lol. I worked on my first episode for about a week. I am almost finished with my second episode which has taken me about 4 days. My third episode should probably take that amount of time.

I think the longest it’s taken me were 4-5 days. However, my stories are usually written in little pieces and I tend to do it using safari on my phone, which is stressful.
I wrote the second chapter to my story, which neared to 2000 lines, all on Safari. Took me 3 days.

Usually, a couple of days. Then add a few more days that are spend editing and refining. It maybe takes me a week and a half in total?

Right now? It’s taking me eons to even write a few lines. :sweat: It sucks because I’m kind of on a deadline, which you’d think would motivate me, but nope.

Usually a week but I’m so lazy that I take months to update lol
However, when determined, I can write one up in about a day or two, but spend most of the day doing that-lmao

Yeah, it takes me around a week too to make one :sweat_smile: Thanks for the tips by the way!

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Yup, you’re not the only one :raising_hand_woman:
But you know, it’s better to have something you’re really proud of (even when it takes a little longer), than something that’s not like you would’ve wanted it, right?

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