How long does it take you to write the script of an average chapter?

Hey guys. The title is pretty self explanatory. I feel like I take forever writing chapters so I want to see what your average time coding one chapter takes. I take about a week to finish an chapter, so around 14 hours. (This does not include getting backgrounds approved, finding overlays, etc) Please vote, I’m curious to see all of your answers!

  • 0-1 hour
  • 2-3 hours
  • 4-5 hours
  • 6-7 hours
  • 8-9 hours
  • 10-11 hours
  • 12-13 hours
  • 14-15 hours
  • 16-17 hours
  • 18-19 hours
  • 20+ hours

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I would say 20, cause it will really take me a while to put things together how I want it to be, a lot of coding with overlays, etc.


Wow, that’s crazy. I really admire how much dedication and effort lots of our writers put into their chapters, including you! It’s comforting to know that about 14 hours isn’t anything too crazy.


Tbh, I take about 3 days to write just one scene.:sweat_smile:


well damn! Lucky u toooo XD

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Yeah, I’m pretty slow. My readers just give up on the story for waiting so long.

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1-2 weeks with a average of 1-4 hours a day. Depends on the day lol


weeks. i i got dyslexia so my brain cant handle looking at words for to long. so i usallu can not concetrate about a story for long. i usally go forth and back between the story and something els while writhing

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It is very hard to evaluate.
I do all the backgrounds and overlays for my story, and I use around 50-80 overlays per episode, so it takes a lot of time. Very approximately… It could be around 30-45 hours per chapter.

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For me it depends. On what the chapter is about. My last chapter took me only 1 week. My new chapter is taking me longer since I am using a lot of overlays. And to code them it takes time. Plus coding and directing. And now that I am being more careful on grammar.
I only spend about 2 hours a day or every other day since I do have a family I need to attend. When my children were on summer vacations. I was able to release chapters in 3 days. I will be on the computer 5-8 hours a day. Would wake up at 5 am.

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Like… two hours a day coding, and it’d take me 2 days to get it planned and the basic outline done (dialogue, basic directing) and then maybe another two days to get the outfits good, spot directing on point, overlays accurate, all that fine-tuning. So…

tries to work out what 2x4 is with a super tired sleep-deprived brain

Aha! Eight hours.

I literally take a month to write a chapter looool :upside_down_face: not because I find it difficult, I don’t really, I just seriously don’t have the time to sit down and get it done

I take like 3 months


How many lines should an episode be? I don’t want it too be too short

I recommend 960-1200 without spaces or customization.

Jesus, that is wayyy more than i expected. Thank you!! :grin:

You’re welcome!

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I am a slow one too :snail:

TBH it is good to take your time, proofread, put lots of effort in.