How long does it typically take to write your story? SURVEY


I am trying to write my first story, but I’m finding its taking a while. How long does it usually take you to write one episode, and how many lines is it? Do you use advanced or beginner writing?


According to the guidelines, you have to have at least 400 lines. And it’s gonna take awhile if you’re a beginner


I use advanced directing in my story but I just started writing before 2 months or less (you could say I learned a lot within these months)…so it takes a lot of time for me to direct it and write the dialogues as I usually direct the episode with writing dialogues for every character well because otherwise I will probably forgot to add it later…
My 3rd chapter is taking forever to write it just doesn’t seem to end its already 4000 lines and still has around six or seven scenes to work with so it takes time and it also depends upon your writing as you know the faster the better…I know some writers that write very fast (I am talking about you @WinterMoon05)


I guess it all depends on the person. Some people may take a few days to write an episode, some may take months. It has to be above 400 lines for you to publish. Nobody really uses lines as a reference, because (again) it depends on the person. Try to time it as if you were a reader reading it, as people usually want episodes to be 10-15 minutes long. When I first began I definitely used beginner coding, like it took me an hour just to figure out how to do a transition. Now I’m using a lot more advanced coding to make my story look better and more interested, but this doesn’t matter to much if it’s a good story. I hope this helped, somehow :blush:


I wrote my first episode and was about 200 into my second episode until I realized I didn’t like it so I re started. Its dreadful because your working for so long on something and then you decide to delete it. Something just wasn’t right so about the way I had introduced the story so I knew I had to.


I feel you @episode.emma
I was writing a different story before I thought that why not start writing with a contest…
And the first story that I wrote was “Heartbeat” (Not published) I wrote about two chapters and was on the third chapter was almost complete (just a scene was left)
But when I read it then guess what??..
I didn’t liked not even a single bit…
It was a lot more cliche then I thought so I deleted all the three chapters as I wasn’t satisfied with the result…
It will turn out as a great story just need a good plot and a good backstory s that it won’t be cliche as I myself don’t like cliche stories how can I publish one then…
So I know this sucks :joy::joy:


Yeah, I feel like that is my situation now, but I think I need to improve as a writer in general.


This all depends on the person and story. I started writing on Episode maybe 4 months ago? At first it was really slow. I was learning about spots, zooming and writing out choices. Then I started to learn more advanced stuff and overlays. It all takes so long to learn until you get the hang of it.

I’ve been able to consistently publish 1 episode a week, last week I was super motivated and had some time so I actually published 2 episodes. This isn’t typical through lol. It gets faster once you memorize the coding and stuff. Lines don’t really matter, you can have 1,000 lines and it only plays out to 3 minutes. I usually time my episodes and aim for 10-15 minutes. Sometimes it’s longer if there are certain scene I want in certain episodes. I spend a few hours here and there when I have free time during the week. With work and life sometimes it’s very hard to stay focused and motivated but I’ve been doing well so far. Just trying to keep up the momentum.


You will…
It takes time to become a good writer…
Trust me we all will eventually improve…I am definitely not a good writer but I improved at least a little so we all will…:blush::blush:


Same @Rune.episode I time my story as well…
I try to make it around 10-15 minutes but sometimes it gets a little ahead of it…


Thank you, I definitely agree with what your saying, I’m just going to go with timing my episodes and see how everything turns out. It can be difficult sometimes to keep writing I feel like, but I really want to be able to have my own story.


We all start somewhere! It does get easier and better with time and practice. My early episodes make me cringe :joy::joy:. I try to just keep moving forward and keep improving with directing and writing.

The fans help keep me motivated too. I don’t have too many reads or anything but the small amount of people who reach out through fanmail or Instagram comments really warms my heart. It’s great to see they care about the characters as much as I do and want to see more of them.


I am writing a story right now and I had 10 days (now 8), but the plot was there
I have almost finished the first chapter, that took me 2 days, but I am a perfectionist, so I guess I take longer than average!
This is the 4th story I am writing (2 published, 2 not)




For me, each episode is 900-1200 lines long, which takes me a few (2-3) hours if I’m feeling productive, or a couple of days if I don’t really feel like it.


If I’m productive I can do 2,000 lines within two hours, but I don’t do it all at once.


Since I’m writing an action story and I’m going to need lot’s of advanced directing, my first episode took a week and a half to make for me because i felt productive, if i really don’t feel like writing it an episode would take me 3 weeks to make.


It takes me around 40 mins - 1 month on a chapter, depending on what sort of story I’m writing and what style I’m using


500/ never finished it because I take forever