How long does it typically take you to write one chapter?


Approximately not exactly. I’m just really curious haha.
Thanks in advance x


Just writing, usually a couple of days, more like to a week depending on how much twists and subplots I’m adding to the chapter. Altogether (with the coding), takes me 2 weeks, as I also do my own edited backgrounds and overlays :sweat_smile:


usually a week or so depending on how bad my writers block and procrastination is.


Maybe 2 days at most lol


Forever I never even finished 1 chapter


oh my god i procrastinate wayyyyy too much lOL


It takes me about one week or two. (it usually depends if I am motivated or not).


Well my first episode took me 3 days,second one (which is better then the first one took me 2 days)
Idk,I think as I am learning how to do everything It’s taking me less time to write chapters .:slight_smile:


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Thanks, still getting the hang of this


If I’m motivated, a couple of days.

If not, (at worst) 2 weeks :see_no_evil:


at least 4 days so far


I used to write chapters in about 2-3 days cause they were only about 400 lines so they took about a minute and a half to read :joy:, now it usually takes about 1 week+ due to branching and making trying to make dialogue realistic :wink:


it takes me 3- 4 days


I can write a 3k lines episode in 3 days if I have a deadline but honestly, if I don’t have an exact date I need to publish on it can take me like a month (three weeks to get the energy to open the portal after the last update and another week of writing)


3-4 days for me.


Same. :joy:


im currently in the process of writing my story; Hot Mess and needless to say, it rlly is a hot mess so far lol


Two or three days (not counting the days I do nothing) if it’s a normal episode. Two weeks if it’s the final episode because I branch myself to death.


The actual writing part probably takes around 3 days. I wrote my Spotlight contest entry in 10 days (all three episodes) but there was basically no directing. (There was branching but nothing crazy in the first three episodes.)
The directing? Add another week per episode lol.
It also depends on how branched an episode is. I’m working on one story at the moment which currently has four separate branches (which I’ll be merging together as soon as possible lol). Each episode is taking me over two weeks :upside_down_face: