How long have you been on episode? ❤️

I would say I have been here a long time l even remember when you could click the closest and change your clothes in episode official stories. :joy:
Honestly sometimes I wish we could go back to the way it was not having to worry about gems just to get on the trending section or early access.


Honestly I was here for like 3 years but I didn’t know wtf the forums were so I would just make episode stories that were sh*tty af. I only joined the forums like May 2020 :crazy_face: :no_mouth: :no_mouth:


6 years now.

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Same, I really wish that too and I’ve been part of episode for 6 years now but I’ve joined the forums for 3 years

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4 years. I didn’t even now that the forums were a thing.

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Almost four years.

I’ve been reading episode for 5 years but been writing for 2

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I’ve been on Episode since 2016, but didn’t know about the forums until June of 2020

4 years now!

3 years and i joined the forum on Sep 2020!

I don’t actually know maybe 4/5 years. But when I was first on the app the mobile creation of stories was still a thing and I was on episode/knew about episode maybe since 2015/2016 because it must have been around when I was 8/9 age. And the first I remember was being on the Demi app because my tablet wouldn’t let me install the full version. And I became part of the community in may of 2020 when I got into episode again. Nd active on the forums in December of 2020.

I started in 2017

But I joined the forum in like late December

I joined for about 5 years and writing for four

and I still suck at it :joy:

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6 or 7 years and I’ve been writing on it for 4 or 5

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I’ve been on the app for like 6 years now but I will say I had moments where I would delete the app and come back to it every 2 months or so. It’s on and off kind of thing! :sob:


I think everyone has had those moments I know I have over the years. :woozy_face:


ive been on episode for 4 years but only on the forums in 2020

Hi! just two months since I discovered all this and I’m writing my first story

On the app on and off since 2013
On the forums 2019