How long have you been playing Episode Interactive?


I’ve been playing Episode since…when Classic was still popping even after those few years it was out, months before Ink got introduced. What about you? :grimacing:


Thats really a long time. :heartbeat:
Me from a year i think. :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I have been playing it since December 2015. :slight_smile:


Somewhere in 2016 (-:


Probably around 5-6 yrs


I think it was just before the Demi story came out? I don’t know. Classic was still pretty big and was at least 1/2 of the app.


April 2016 :grin:

and I have been addicted ever since!!


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Since the very beginning :slight_smile:
I don’t know how many people remember it but the company that used to run Episode had a game called Campus Life and I was obsessed with it. I got an advertisement to check out the new app (Episode) and the rest is history…

Campus Life



I’ve been reading stories on Episode since the Classic days haha… I’ve been exposed to Episode since 2013.


From like 2016 i think


Since fall 2014 I think? I saw their ads all over Tumblr so I decided to download the app


I’ve been on Episode since it first came out. Lol i honestly don’t remember how many years specifically.




2016-2017 idk exactly


Early 2016 (I think?). I was obsessed with the Demi stories lol, good times


Omg!! I remember Campus Life!!

I started during the whole Classic thing with the “ you get a new story in two days “ thing. I was like… 7?


2016 spring time was when I first touched the app :eyes:


About 1.5 years or so :heart_eyes:


Since the beginning although I’ve deleted it a few times and these days, I barely read episode stories :sweat_smile: