How Long Have You Been Writing?

How long have you been writing? I’m not sure of how long I have, I just know it’s been before 2017 because I was writing before the release of the Limelight Art Style.


I’ve written since Ink began :crazy_face:


wait no, I’ve read since classic, and started writing when limelight began :crazy_face:


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I only started writing in August :pleading_face:… I feel so insufficient :pensive: :sweat_smile:


I started in end of 2016 :relieved:

Two and a half years, time flies

I’ve been writing since the beginning of 2018 :smile:

I started writing on another website at 14 but started writing here (only) at 16 around the time when limelight had just come out and I released the story that I was working on at 18

I “started” writing around 2018 or a few months before mobile creation ended i cant remember the exact date, however, i started writing officially (like i knew what i was doing) this summer

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I don’t even remember when

I started in 2014 and the one story I published, I deleted. I had stopped writing a year later and then started again 2017, where I then quit writing again because I was extremely frustrated about an entry I hadn’t submit to a contest in time. Now I’m back but more productive because I’m actually close to publishing a story I’m proud of. :sweat_smile:

I started a week before the Squad contest. July, I think? But I was a long time reader, so it wasn’t hard to get the hang of it!

There’s people here who have been writing since CLASSIC :skull_and_crossbones:

I’ve been writing about for about a year and a half. I still haven’t published any stories though.

I’ve been writing since August :relieved::raised_back_of_hand:t3:

@ItsTerra :eyes:

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Ohmygod really?? ME TOOOKABSJS

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This is going to be my second year! :innocent: And I write like a baby hahahhaha

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