How Long have You've been playing episode or being a writer?

How Long have You’ve been playing episode or being a writer?
I’m very interested because I’ve been a writer since 2014 and the episode has changed so much!!


Hi I’ve been reading episodes since like 2017 i think and I’ve been writing on it just over a year now i honestly can’t really remember :woman_facepalming: :joy:

ive been playing for years man maybe even 4+. Ive been writing for about 2 years but never published anything. yet :))

I’ve been writing and reading since 2015!

I’ve been playing since 2015 and I published my first story about a month ago but I write in general since forever:)

i’ve been playing for over a year and i’ve been “writing” unofficially for 6 months and i actually started writing last month

I’ve been playing for like 2 years? i think and writing for 2 months

I have been writing and reading episode for about 3 to 4 years. Basically since 2016-2017.

Playing since 2016 and started writing in April of this year.

I’ve been playing for a few years now, but I only started writing!

I’ve been an on-and-off reader since 2014, and I’ve started writing since December last year :smile:

Episode had changed and improved a lot since then!

Episode reader since 2018 and episode writer since 2 months lol

I’ve been a reader on Episode since 2014, and I started writing December of 2015.

Me?? Probably like 2 and a half years

I’ve been a reader for almost 5 years and a writer for just over a year.

Writer and reader for almost three years.

2 years of being a writer but 4 or more years as a reader

Reading and writing since 2014✨

I’ve been playing episode for 6 years and I started writing for a year.

I’ve been reading episode stories since 2013 and I have been writing since 2018.