How long is a good episode chapter

heyy. i’m making my first episode ever but i tink it’s a little short, how long are your episode’s or how long do you want an episode chaper to be when you read it?


Depends on the reader. Most readers view anything less than 7-10 minutes as a waste of a pass. 10-15 seems to be a good length for a lot of stories. Some readers prefer long Episodes (some stories have Episodes 20+ minutes up to almost an hour per Episode).

thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Don’t just rely on the line length though- if you have customisation, that alone could take up like 1000 lines. There should be around 10+ minutes of actual story.

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i usally go for 1000 lines before i put in spot directing, zome and animation . so i am usally op around 3000 lines when i am done (the speechbubbels almost fill 1000 alone )

omg and i really need an way to make my story longer:sweat_smile:

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and thank youu :blush:

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thank you :blush:

As long as you’re over the 7 minute mark and have about 600 - 800 lines I think you’ll be okay. Of course, I’d recommend at least 1000 lines without customization.
When you start writing, let your ideas flow and before you know it you’ve got a fairly long episode lol.

I usually have between 2500-3500 lines, without CC. But when I include that, it may be up to 6000-8000+ lines :slight_smile:

thank you, does the first episode needs to be shorter or just that long?

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thank you so much!!

Your first episode shouldn’t be shorter than that, but I have seen others do it. That’s just a safe range. Your first episode is what draws people in so you want to have a comfortable length for a cliffhanger or whatever you decide to do :blush::wink: