How long is Dripping Mascara?

I just finished the pilot episode of dripping mascara and, as much as I enjoyed reading it, I realised that the episode was nearly half and hour long. Can anyone who has read this story before tell me how long the episodes usually are? I just want to keep this in mind since there’s over 100 chapters in the story and I usually like to binge read around 20 chapters at once.


Each Episode is over thirty minutes long, but it is an AMAZING story.
Highly recommended.

They tend to vary, but I’d say about 20-50 minutes depending on the episode/how fast you read. It’s been a while since I’ve read it though. It’s definitely one of my favorite stories on the app though and the writing is part of what inspired me to write my own story. :grin:

@GenevieveM will be able to tell you :wink: :blob_hearts: