How long it takes to get my story approved?

Does someone knows how long it takes to get you story approved by Episode?
I published it in May 2023 and for the last couple months it’s been under 100 place and sometimes between 100-130.

How can you know if it’s being reviewed or is in the queue to get reviewed?
I’ve been stressing myself out because I’ve seen people publishing the first 3 episodes and saying they won’t update till the story gets reviewed. I have 8 episodes and haven’t received any info from Episode.
What does it exactly mean and does?

Please help!

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All of my stories got reviewed within the first 1-4 days of publishing, so I’ve personally never had this issue… so I might not be the best person to answer.

But I don’t think there’s any particular way of knowing for sure about when your story is in the queue to get reviewed, or even when to expect a review. However I’m pretty sure that unless your story has been trending very well in position 101, 100 or lower for a consistent period of time [without shifting any higher up, which unfortunately yours did] then it won’t trigger a review. :thinking: :thinking:

Lucky you. :pleading_face:
It has stayed in place 101 or 103 for a couple of days, but I don’t know how long it needs to stay in that place to get a review.

I had my first story published last year October and it got approved the next day. And I also got a friend who got approved 3 months after she published hers. And I think the genre also counts. There are some genres that’s hard to trend or even stay at 101 or 100 for longer. So maybe changing the genre might help it but I don’t really know :relieved:

I’m not entirely sure how long it needs to stay in that position for, or whether that timescale varies depending on the genre?! :thinking: :thinking:

I’m wondering because the story where the review was the quickest for me was my newest story. And that one was actually in the Romance genre, and it did great from the start and it managed to trend solidly [without being moved] for over 20 hours, that’s when I got the review. That was my quickest review ever.

Whereas with my horror story, it took 3 days to be reviewed… but that one trended a few places better than the story that was listed under Romance, so it’s a bit confusing.

Honestly, I changed the genre from fantasy to adventure and then it started trending.
Can’t change to any other as it just wont fit.

This was a Fabled entry, so I thought it would get a review because it was a contest story, but no. I haven’t received any emails or anything.

Hmmm :thinking:. Then it’s been long . Maybe try doing g4g or a finding a way of promoting the story to maintain the rank for a few days​:pleading_face:

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I’m just working my ass out to publish a new update. Maybe will contact Episode if nothing happens.

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So with my first story I had to send in support tickets and argue to get it reviewed and they told me they won’t until someone finally did :woman_shrugging:t4:. Recently they reviewed one of my stories and I was afraid they would take it down because of the usage of profanity. But I fixed it and it stayed. My answer is they’ll sneak up on you, but I would send a support ticket and ask

I remember this feeling of frustration not knowing. I felt that way with my story too.
I got a review after 2 months (ish). I had about 2000 reads and 8 episodes out. and was in 101 so many times.

I wrote Episode, trying to figure out if there was a way of knowing if you are up for review or not, and the reply was basically: no.

I think it also depends on how many new stories are out at the time you publish. and the genre too, as some people here say.

Doing g4g regularly is one thing that would help you a lot.

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The strangest thing is that it was a contest story, so it should have been reviewed back then. But as I have seen recently, they don’t even review contest stories or the reviews are the last minute only for the winners.

Oh, I’m not worried about gems. They come in regularly even without doing G4G.
But you’re saying you had 2000 reads with 8 episodes. Well, I have under 800, so maybe that’s the problem.

I was trying to get reviewed in the romance genre. There is a lot of competition, but yeah about 2000 reads and 1000 gems, when I got reviewed.

From my knowledge, the only thing that matters is if you trend and get the 101 in your story dashboard ranking. And gems help so so so so much with trending - it’s pretty much the only factor. (At least it was back when I was just starting. I don’t know how much has changed)

Well, I’ll give it a time.
I sometimes wonder how gems can be twice more than reads honestly. :sweat_smile:

I haven’t really paid a lot attention, but that reviewing system is confusing.