How long it takes to review my cover?

How long does it take for them tp review the cover?
Because mine it been 4 day and they still didnt reviewed it and today is the day to publish my story first of April
Does anyone know why they taking so long?


You need to consider the contest too, so they have probably been overwhelmed with cover, background and overlay requests. It’s also Easter weekend.

I’m sure it will be approved within the next couple of days :+1:

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Yes true, last time i uploaded cover just trying and they approved it just in less than 5 minutes
Thanks tho

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Was it finally approved?

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same, it has not been accepted for a longgggggg time.

Yeah same I was just about to ask. I just uploaded my cover and I’m not patient. It’s been like a minute and I’m like “HURRY UP!” :joy::joy:But I also have a question, is it ok if I close the tab? Will it still be reviewed?

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yes, offcourse u can close it.
lol 1 min is not happening it took then more than week to review it

How long did it take for it to be approved?

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One week, however, sometime less then a day

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I uploaded my story before they review my cover. Will that cause a problem in reviewing?

It probably won’t but your cover won’t be visible on the app

About a day.

how to get to know if ur cover has been reviewed or not???

@Rhea_1864 it would have sent a message to your email or you can check yourself and it would say ‘your card has been reviewed’.