How long (minute wise ) should an episode be?



Need help with the length of episode chapters

Lots of people like it to be 10-15 minutes, I don’t mind as long as it’s over 5 minutes and not over 15 minutes. :woman_shrugging:t3:


You could do a poll to see everyone’s opinions altogether. :wink:


I’d say more than 5 minutes at least.


Not interested much in reading short chapters


I personally think 10 to 15 minutes. Around 5 minutes or less feels like a wasted while more than 15 minutes loses my attention in most cases.

This is from my reader opinion survey:


15 to 20 minutes is the perfect length for me. But the plot should be interesting and free of cliches. Directing especially zooms should be used correctly.


To me around ten minutes is ideal. Sitting down and reading 4 episodes in around just under an hour a day is perfect. I couldn’t devote that much more time to reading, so the idea that there are people who can sit down and read for two hours straight (the ones who insist on episodes being over a half hour) and then complain about the two hour wait for more passes are just… bizarre to me.

What I try to do is keep my pacing similar. I like to open up the app and have an idea when the episode will be over. When a story has sporadic episode lengths I often feel like I never know if I have time to read it and I often choose not to. Although it’s understandable that special episodes may have different pacing and be longer or shorter if necessary.


Personally, I like episodes to be around 15 minutes (13-17 as the ideal bracket), but anything longer than 10 minutes but shorter than 20 is good (for me).
Recently I posted a poll on Instagram asking my readers if they’d prefer two shorter episodes (12ish minutes) or one longer episode (25ish minutes) and to my surprise, the majority of people chose the longer option. I’m not really sure why- maybe they don’t want to waste passes? Or maybe they figured that they’d read both episodes together anyway so it wouldn’t matter?
For the most part, I try to keep my episodes around 15 minutes.


Prefer 10 mins not to long or short


Honestly, if a chapter takes me more than 10 minutes, I’ll exit the app and continue to read it a day later.


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