How long my story should be?


I am currently writing 1st episode of my story but i am a bit confused that how many lines 1st episode should contain.


It depends on your directing, really. Advanced directing often consists of more code and therefor have more lines.
Instead of lines, try to go on time. How long does it take to read through the episode? The prefered lenght for most readers tend to be 15-20 min. 10 being to short to “waste” a pass and 30 to long/losing interest. Of cource it also depends on what the episode contains, how intriguing it is.



Well, I think it should be between 7 and really a maximum of 15 minutes. The average best time is about 10 minutes (that was asked in a poll once and that was a clear win for 10 minutes!) If it gets to 20 most people tend to stop reading, if it is below 5 people have the feeling they are wasting their passes!


Thank you😊


Thank youu😄


Happy to help.
Good luck with your story.