How long should a chapter a do u think had to be

I 'm talking about like the lines like i know the requirement is suposed to be 400 but how much should a medium story be? without customization

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Maybe around 1000 lines.

liKE A MEDIUM STORY? or a long one?

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I do 1000 lines for my current story which is about 8 mins. My other story was 2000-3000 lines which was about 12-15 mins long.

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What is medium to you? 10 or 15 minutes.
If you want 15 minutes… It would probably be around and over 2000 lines.
10 minutes stories is usually around 1000-1500 lines.

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hmm like… is 700 lines short or 800?

700-800 lines would be a short episode.
That would probably be 8 minutes.

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so 1000 would be a medium? and what about a long story

waht about a long story

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cause im trying to estimate which is good

Yes. 1000 would be a medium story. I’m not sure how many lines would make a long story. If I had to guess I would say 4000+

alrighty! thank u

I have not done more than 3000 lines.

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