How long should a good episode story be? (Lines per episode)

Coding wise, how long should a good and interesting story be? I’ve seen anywhere from 1000-6000 lines in one episode of the more popular writers, and I would like to know the opinion of everyone else!

I always aim for 800 lines in the first draft and then I ad choices and animation. so i usually. i usually go over 3000 lines. that is including the lines without having text on them .whcich properly is half of them

The actual content and pacing is more important to me as a reader than the lines BUT if it’s too short people feel a pass was wasted so … 1000 lines minimum?

I normally have around 4k-5k but thats with a ton of advanced directing, I would normally say 800-1000.

Personally I aim for about 4000 to 9000 (but that’s with a bunch of advanced directing)
I suggest you to write at least 1000/2000 lines

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