How long should a story be in your opinion?

  • 1-5 mins
  • 5-10 mins
  • 10-15 mins

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I usually say 8-10 minutes. 5 is a bit too short.


It depends I guess. One of my stories is fast paced, quick humour so episodes are around 7-9 minutes long. Whereas my drama story is more emotional so the pace is slower, making episodes around 12-14 minutes.


Lol 1 minute


I think that 10 minutes is so long, and because I read stories 4 years now in Episode, I want to say that if a story have episodes more than 6 minutes, it becomes boring, the most stories I had read were like that! Maybe because the authors “go out of their minds” sometimes, I mean that they think a lot of things and they writing without any set, and I know that because I did that mistake too. That’s my opinion at least.

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I chose 10-15 but really, I’d say 8-12.
I used to prefer longer episodes but I’m finding that not only are shorter episodes easier to write and get out, but they also encourage binge reading lol.


Love you OreoBiscuit

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Thank youuu