How long should an Episode be?


I was wondering… how many lines is a decently long episode?


400 - 500 or more if you want to add as many lines as you want.


Decently long? Well above the 1000 mark


I was in the middle of an episode and when I previewed it I realized every 100 lines I got 1 minute so I was actually planning on making it 1000 lines but I wasn’t sure if it would be a lot or too little.


It all depends on branching and directing. If your story is mostly dialogue and pretty linear, you very well could reach the 10 minute mark with 1000-1500 lines. But if you have choices that change the story line heavily, or if you’re using advanced directing that takes up a lot of lines, you’d probably use up a lot more lines to reach 10 minutes.


It says on episode website 500-800 lines… It depends how fast you write. So people do about a 1000 but I don’t less than 200 lines.


Possibly 1000-2000 lines


For me, because of customization/choices, lines isn’t a great measure of how long the episode actually is. I usually ‘play’ through the game, reading the dialogue and timing how long each chapter is (which gives me a change to triple check the grammar and spelling). Usually 7-10 minutes is what I shoot for, and depending on each episode that’s anywhere from 800-2000 lines.