How long should episodes last for?

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My name is Katie, and I am currently writing my story. I don’t know how long it should last for…
It only has 700 lines (not finished) and the duration is 5 minutes. Is this good enough?

Reply with tips and personal opinions, thanks.

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In my opinion each episode should be atleast 10 mins :blush:


Every reader has its own preference, but I think that most of the readers find 5 minutes reading time a waste of their pass.
I personally prefer 10-20 minutes chapters.
Good luck with your story! :heart:


Good luck with your story! It takes time to get a hang of it especially if it’s your first story so take it slowly and with some practice you will be able to do longer chapters. I personally prefer longer chapters like 20 min or so. Hope this helps! :blush:


hmm, most readers would prefer around 10-15 minutes in my opinion :> goodluck with ur story too!!



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Hey I did a poll on this and most people prefer 10-15 minutes

Here the link to my poll it has lots on it so if u have more questions this may help x

Link: Question about story’s

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I suggest making them anywhere from 7-15 minutes long, because everyone likes different lengths and it seems that those numbers are sort of in the middle. I enjoy shorter chapters with a LOT of drama just because I don’t have a very big attention span.

I say 10 -15 min you don’t want to make them to long or readers will get bored and you don’t want to make them to short or it would be amusing enough

Good writers mostly have 40-60 minute long episodes and this being around 5K-7K lines or maybe more

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but at first episodes it is not that long

That I think is way to long most people will get bored from sitting there for an hour.

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I prefer 7-15 minutes bc I feel like that’s not too long or too short :relaxed:

People here on forms have said in other threads I read that they like 10-15 min some even lit it a little longer 20-30 min but I think a whole hour is way to long

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