How long should I make my story?

How long would a good story be? Also, about how many lines of script are long enough for one episode? Would it be okay if I took it slow in the first chapter, introducing everyone, but in the second chapter got straight into everything.

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the facts is the lengt dont determent how good a story is

the harry potter series is 7 books and some of the worlds famoust books. meanwhile H C Andersens stories are usally only a page or two and they are world famouse.

also note episode 1 is the episode there is suppouse to sell the story if it suck and/or is boring people will not read episode 2.

and last you are not writining a book but a manuscript for tv show so dont think book writhning but movie writhing .

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Thanks! I’m in the process for making my first story and I didn’t really know how to go about it. Thanks for clearing that up!

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I’m writing a story that has short stories and novels for each generation.

That’s not including

  • Character Diary’s
    *A day in the life of

This is for ever character, every generation, and I have 11 generations written down so far…

It all depends on what your imagion wants you to do

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