How long should my chapter be?

Hi, I am new to this community and I was worrying how long should my first few chapters be, I don’t know if they are long enough and I want to hear from experienced writers on this forum how long they usually make there first few chapters???

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I would say most “short” episodes are is 8-10. I personally like mine about 15 minutes and if they go over that they’re a little too long! But it’s honestly up to you and what you think works the best.


I just am trying to think like how many lines usually, like I don’t know how to time it quite yet cause I am kinda new to the community and just learning

It really depends on how you direct. So, a 10 minute chapter could be 10,000 lines or 1,000 it just depends. I would use a stopwatch and just time your episode. I think it’s okay if your first few chapter are a little short as long as they get longer. :slight_smile:


Yes to this! Customization adds so many lines too!

A good way to tell by is how many lines of dialogue. I found about 1000 lines of dialogue lead to a 15 minute episode.

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For me, it depends on how the story is going. Like I want my story episode to end in one specific point after certain things and then start a new episode.


Like someone mentioned earlier, the time an episode takes for someone to read really depends on how the author codes/directs it.
For example, in my story the first 5 or so chapters are way too short at under 600 lines. Now my chapters are usually around 1000. Sometimes they’re almost 2000… it really depends.

I agree with @Avarose456
Most of the time, I time my episodes to make sure they fit the time range I want 13-17min.
As many have said, depending if you have CC, many overlays and lots of directing, the line number can be really deceiving.
I have this range because I also take this into account. :point_down:t5:

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As mentioned above the number of lines is not a direct way how to know how long you will read it.

What I do is that I have stop watch (online) and simply start reading (trying to read in my normal speed) it and measure the time it takes me.

I try to adjust the epidodes to approx 15 minutes of my reading speed.

How ever it varies sometimes between 13-18minutes because I want specific ending of the chapter.

In general its recomend to have it minimaly 10 minutes. Shorter usuall piss of the reader . Which is understandable. Tay do not want to spend valuable passes on too short episodes.

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