How long should my episodes be? (how many lines?)

How should my episodes be, i currently have around 700 lines in each episode but will i need more or less whats the standard amount? and do they have to have a certain amount of lines to be published ?

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Focus on minutes instead of lines…they say you shouldn’t have less than 1000 lines for dialogue but you’re free to do what you want.

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700 lines isn’t bad and word of advice, you don’t want too many lines of text, thus you don’t want your episodes to be super long. Always keep your episodes at a reasonable length.

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I would focus on the time instead of lines, because lines will vary between episodes depending on what needs to happen, how many overlays, etc. I would aim for 5-8 minutes an episode

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I think your episodes should be at least 1.500 to 2.000 lines and sometimes longer.
I started with 1.500 lines, but my readers found the episodes too small. Now I write at least 2.500 to 4.000 lines. The longest episode I’ve ever written is 6.000 lines, which I do not recommend you doing if you’re a new writer 'cause it’s too tiring. I did it to satisfy my readers because it took me a long time to update.
If you’re a new writer, I recommend you to start with 1.500 to 2.000 lines, but if you’re not, then you could try to write 2.000 lines and more.

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There is no real “standard”. Rule of thumb is story should last 15 mins, which seems to be the sweet spot for most of the community. My story has a lot of advanced coding generally I do 1500-2000 lines.

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As others have said, there is no standard. The length of your chapter doesn’t really depend on lines of code, but more so of dialogue. Some coders uses a lot of line spaces, other don’t. Some add overlays with 7+ lines, some add them in the background, so it’s one line for multiple overlays. Some will add 1-2 hair and makeup in each episode, which will add 1000+ lines, but only 10 seconds to the episode.

The best way for you to test your length is to read it, or better yet, have someone who hasn’t seen it read it and time their reading time. That will give you a good idea of how long your episodes are.

Then decide how long of an episode you want to provide. I personally will not sit through long episodes, while others think they are wasting passes if it is below a certain amount of time. So, it should be up to you.

I believe the minimum for a published episode is 400 lines. At least for the first three.

For my style of coding, I aim for about 400-600 lines of dialogue (before any additional coding), and that usually gives me around 7-10 minutes of reading time.

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When I started I wrote each episode with 8000 liness I do not reccomend that because your episodes are then between 45 and an hour long. most readers think thats too long. Plus your taking a lot of time writing the episode. in wich you can over preasure yourself. I do now 2000 lines each episode and that is between the 15-30 minutes wich is for some the perfect reading length. But its also what you prefer writing and what you prefer doing. biggest tip. your writing for youself not for the readers. if you dont like something dont do it.


My first chapter, when I first started was about 24k lines of code once I did some more revisions (to make it more efficient) and added way more to it, it changed to around 17k lines. I focus more on the time it takes to read episodes bc the code length can vary. My chapters are a bit longer around 15min. Most readers prefer around 10min on average for a regular length story, around 6-8min for a short story. Instead of focusing on how many lines you have if your chapter seems short. Think about adding more scenes/dialogue or continuing the story more in the first chapter.
I’ll try to answer any questions to the best of my ability, hope this helps :heart:

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