How long should scenes be & Help me start off my story

So I’m currently writing my story and I really need help!! I feel like my scenes are too short and it makes me feel like something is off. So how long should scenes last? How many lines of dialogue, minutes, or seconds. I also need help with starting off my story. My story is about how the MC lost her (assassin) father to war and she wants to continue on his legacy, but she really didn’t know her world as she thought. It was magical. So how will I start this off? Pleaaseee helppp!

personally, i think it depends on the story. try finding a good middle ground where it isn’t unnecessarily long, but not too fast-paced either.

don’t fill the scene with anything more than what’s needed

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Well, 1 episode should be 8 - 10 minutes long and contain about 3 -4 big scenes.
That’s the standart.
But, of course, you don’t have to follow that. For example, I LOVE long episodes and stories.

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thank you!

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thanks!! i’ll keep these tips in mind

You’re welcome! We gotta help everyone! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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