How long should story be?

How many chapters should a short story have? What is the least number of chapters I should have for you to read it?


It all depends on you and how you want your story to flow. Short stories can be maybe 9 or 10 chapters or less than that but it really depends on you.


at least 3. but that is the at least you need to make to published. if you can finish it 3 cool

do not be one of those fools who publish with only one chapter.

but there is not a max. its diffrent how long a story need to be. how much do you to tell in it?

example. twilight is 4 books. harry potter is 7.

you decide how long the story is on the plot.

a sad thing I see often is people add some drama to make a few more chapters. which kinda was unsesary for the story.

but there are also people who rap it up too quickly and it doesn’t feel like a real ending. that is usually the ones who got tired of the story they write and just wanted it over

but no matter what if you need five chapters to tell your story or 500. it’s only the author who decides the length of the story




Thank you guys. I was just wondering cuz I have this story but I don’t think there is enough story for too many chapters so I wondering if I should even do it. So thank you :smiley:


It really depends on personal preference and the story plot. If your story is quite complex then it may be in your interest to create more chapters so that your readers aren’t left confused. However, at the same time you can always release 9-10 chapters and then go on to create a season two based on the feedback you get.

If your story isn’t as complex then that’s also perfectly fine. I know a lot of people, myself included, who enjoy reading short stories as well as longer ones. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::yellow_heart:


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some people like short stories.

actually I think a short story is good to start with.

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I have multiple short stories (<5 chapters) and I think some people like reading short stories because they’re complete and you can binge them in one sitting :). I quite like short stories myself.
The shortest story I had was three chapters, but I’ve since revamped it into 5. My shortest now is 4 chapters and it has multiple endings.


Lol I’ve made some stories that are so short that they’re one episode long and I had to combine them into one book (one bag of trail mix, perhaps. /selfpromo). They didn’t have a complex plot, and only really set the scene for one event.

But as Line mentioned, having one book with only 1 episode and the other two are blocked off is kinda lame. Aim for 3 as a minimum unless you’re making a collection, and it can be as long as you want if it isn’t dragging.

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It can be even 80 episodes as long as none of them are fillers.

Though I like reading stories under 30 episodes. (:

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