How long would you ideally want to spend reading an episode?

Hi guys,

So i am currently writing a story, how long would you want to typically spend reading a chapter? I don’t want to make mine too short, but i also don’t want to drag it out.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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go for a 1000 lines. before spot directing

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I personally like reading episodes that last anywhere from 10-15 minutes, because I want my passes to feel like they’re worth something. I guess anything that’s at least 5 minutes or above is fine. I would aim to go on the longer side than the shorter side because your readers might feel unsatisfied. It also depends on your genre. I think mystery and drama can be a bit shorter since they have a quicker pacing, but romance, fantasy, etc should be a bit longer, since there’s more character development and world building. That’s just my take though, write however much you feel is necessary!


Ten minutes, roughly.

About 10 minutes is what I prefer. Roughly 1000 ish lines.

for me 10 - 15 mins…but if the story is really goood 20 mins I wouldnt mind…but thats just me.

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