How Many Art Scenes Do You Prefer In A Story?

Well, I know depending on what the authors wants in his/her story is his/her decision, but how many art scenes do you guys think their should be in a story whether it is long and/or short?

Not sure if there is a thread talking about this topic…

I don’t really have a preference for art scenes. It’s cool when the authors have them, but I don’t need them to enjoy a story.



Like you dont really need to put art scenes in your story like how others are doing, BUT it is YOUR story, and DECISION, so yeah thats a good point. REALLY GOOD point. lol

I’ve never used an art scene before.

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thats good. An art scene is basically an art edit of character(s) doing something and putting or adding it to a background to make it an art scene.

just so you didnt know, but that is good though.

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Oh. Why is that good?

never using an art scene?

  1. it is good because basically, its what you want to put in your story.

  2. If you DO want an art scene in your story then that is okay.

  3. If you DONT want an art scene in your story then that is still okay.

Note: Not all people have art scenes in their story. If they want an art scene in their story then that is their decision. You are the author of your own life story (which is quoted by someone).


That’s true…

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For me, I dont have art scenes in my previous stories that I am going to re-write soon, which is okay for me because that is what I want.

Except, my story that I will be re-writing first which is called Bloodlust: Revenge of The Pure Blood. (That does have art scenes in it.)

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What is it about?

Its about 2 brothers, both vampires, and one human girl.

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Here is my story:

Story: Bloodlust: Revenge of The Pure Blood
Style: Ink
Description: Meier finds out that Charlotte has ben taken by his brother. Will he rescue her in time, and will Alaric force himself to kill Charlotte once again?
Genre: Fantasy


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NOTE: THIS IS STOPPED, cause I have to do this over cause of restricted backgrounds, but i got permission from the owner of those backgrounds, so I have just waiting for Episode to approve the backgrounds, then i will get back to writing.

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Ohhh! Sounds and looks interesting!

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ikr. i cant wait to finish this story! lol

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I prefer a story without art scenes cuz I think that it just takes away the rhythm or genuine-ness of a story. Some of them also tend to make the story boring, like what you see in Its Just An Illusion: Regrets.


ive read that story by Miss Mj. Really good, and I agree.


Me too!

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ill let u know when the first 3 chapters are published.

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