How Many Authors Use The Guidebox?

I just wanted to know how many authors actually use the Guidebox throughout their whole story. :woman_shrugging:t5:

  • I do!!
  • I don’t
  • Only For Certain Scenes

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I hate the previewer and use a tablet to direct anyway so I know for sure that everything fits on a tablet screen. I use the guidebox mostly when using overlays or doing certain animations to make sure things will still look okay on a phone.


Yeah, that’s smart :thinking: :joy:

I use the guide box because it makes things feel balanced to me. I feel weird using up the entire screen that phone users see. I also I don’t want to exclude tablet readers.


I actually prefer it to use up the screen to make the scene look more dramatic :joy: :joy:

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Oh! I’ve never heard that before! :thinking: I feel like it shows so much body that it’s all up in your face…well…that can be dramatic now that I think about it lol!

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I do use the guidebox often but most of my stories were written before it existed and I never went back to check old scenes fit so it doesn’t feel right to claim that I do :sweat_smile:


I have a pet peeve with speechbubbles and I use a lot of zooms and overlays, so I use it a lot.
It took me a while to understand to what it was for, but when I understood it became my bff on the Writer’s Portal.

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I didnt use it at first but then i started reading on my tablet too and i could not see the eyes of the characters so i was like ‘i have to start using that damn guidebox’ :joy:

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I try to use it but I always try to use it for scenes with zooms but I just recently started doing it.

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I use it so my stories are suitable for phone and tablet users

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