How many blood overlays in one chapter?

I don’t remember if this was a rule but was there a limit to how many types of blood overlays you can use in one chapter?

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no limit. I would go for at least use 3.

I had 6 in one scene so go for it girl :heart:

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I don’t recall a limit, but I did have my story taken down because the blood overlays were too big and I had to most shrink them.

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Not the exact same thing but I had to remove one bruise/wound overlay once, because I had used more than one on that character in one scene. They told me to keep it to one only. But also said, to just take care that it’s not too gruesome overall. I know, that’s kind of hard to scale. I would try to keep it to one, to be on the safe side of things and make sure the blood is not too predominant in the scene (eg bigger than the character). But as usual, these things are judged by the reviewer in charge. So, it could be different for everyone.

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It’s very situation dependent. If you PM me a screenshot from your story, or simply describe what you’re thinking of doing, I can help you work out the details :slight_smile:

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It depends. I recently looked up the content guidelines for no reason in particular and…

When depicting physical violence, authors can show any two of the following, but not all three at once:
•Person or body
•Blood (limited to one ‘swipe)
•Weapon or restraint

So take from that what you will I guess. :wink:

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